Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Muscovy ducks, lucky ducks

As if we didn't already have enough animals, I semi-accidentally won some ducks in a fundraising auction - as you do.  I say semi-accidentally because I really did think someone would outbid me - 30 bucks for three ducks seemed a bit too good to be true (hey, that's only ten bucks a duck, about the price of a roast chicken at the supermarket).

Ooh look, a photobombing hen!  To her left is Mr Petrov King-Duck (ie, P King-Duck, har har) and to her right is one of his two sister/wives Tatiana and Anastasia. 

In spite of our names for them, Muscovy ducks aren't a Russian breed, they actually hail from the Americas.  The name has different origins depending on where you look, and possibly relates to their musky smell, or their fondness for eating mosquitos.  Another article here suggests the Muscovy was named after the Muscovite Trading Company which plied its trade on the South American Coast. 

A very good thing about Muscovies is that they don't quack, so are perfect for a smaller backyard.  They also keep your garden clean, as they love to eat insects, snails, slugs and bugs.  Mmmmmmm, tasty bugs, nom nom nom.

Aren't I a lucky ducky to have them?!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Cave canem - beware of the dog

Thanks to SA Dog Rescue for this

A useful tool for us all, especially my 4 year old DD who just doesn't seem to get it about not getting in the puppy's face all the time *sigh*.  This 'owning a dog' lark is certainly proving to be a learning experience for all of us, including Jenny the puppy!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Thrift shop manifestation (with chickens)

Oooooooooooh!  The op-shop gods were smiling on  me today!

Holds 2-3 cups, and doesn't leak

I thoroughly believe in op-shop manifestation, as described to me by a friend years and years ago.  It goes like this - at some point, if you are a good and (moderately) virtuous person who charity shops regularly, things that you have been looking for appear as if by magic, when least expected.

You could be going to the op-shop for a totally different thing (today I was looking for winter PJs for DS, didn't find them) and you turn around and there's something you've been thinking about for ages.

Squeeeee! He's delightful

It's been something of a joke among my girlfriends
that I drink a lot of tea, and love chickens, but
don't have a chicken teapot.  I was actually eyeing one
off at the markets on Sunday, but I was already in
trouble for buying a child's 'tag-along' bike (like the one you can order here), and a decorative plate with, you guessed it, chickens on it, and so my lovely friend C said I couldn't get it.  She's limited me to one chicken item per Sunday on our weekly trek to the Gepps Cross Markets (fruit and veg one side, car boot sale the other)!  As she points out, there is little point in saving money on groceries if I then go and spend the saved amount on trash / treasure.

But now I'm really really glad I listened to her (and sometimes I don't) because this one blows it out of the water.  AND it was only FIVE DOLLARS.  I'd have happily paid 30 for it, and didn't have to.  Thankyou, oh op-shop gods!