Wednesday, 25 April 2012

And puppy makes 16!

What do you do when your friends think you are a Crazy Cat Lady?

You head into Mad Animal Woman territory by getting a puppy, of course!

This is Jenny, she's 5 months old, and she came through SA Dog Rescue, a local not-for-profit dog rescue group.  Her mum came to the rescue from an animal hoarder, and was already pregnant, so we don't know what the dad was - mum is a Fox Terrier / Italian Greyhound, with the same massive bat-wing ears!

Darling Daughter (age 4) keeps telling people Jenny is a Fox Terrorist, which given her propensity for chasing the chickens and chewing on pretty much everything (lego, tiles, shoes, iphone cables, fingers, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, bones, etc etc) it's pretty appropriate.  I seem to spend half my time picking up poo (she's ALMOST house trained) and the other half saying 'that's not a puppy toy!'.

Isn't she boootiful???

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Haiku for Tabby cat

Dear Tabitha Woo!
Your sweet roundness knows no bounds -
My son adores you.

Our darling Tabs is a giant loving puddle of fluffy smoochiness.  She is honestly the most affectionate cat I think I've ever met - to touch her is to be her friend, and stroking her vast fluffy belly does bring amazing peace to a troubled mind!  She is the perfect mood changer when little kids are grumpy - the suggestion 'go stroke Tabby's belly' is normally enough to cheer them up. 

She mended DS's broken heart when his darling Gemma cat died in 2010 - he has learned to love a cat again because of Tabby.  Good girl, Tabs! 

What a sweet little (*ahem* at 6kg, hardly little) fluffer she is.  Not the sharpest tool in the shed by any means, but totally adorable none the less.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

When small children take photos... get a lot of random, blurry pictures of the contents of cupboards, toys, miscellaneous pets, and of course, Mum and Dad.  I think this is actually rather a good picture of me and the Darling Hubby:

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Lunchtime FAIL - with amusing results!

Mental note to self - when you put cans of soft drink in the freezer to chill them fast because someone is coming round for lunch in 15 minutes, PUT THE TIMER ON TO REMEMBER TO GET THEM BACK OUT AGAIN!

Because otherwise, this is what happens:

And let me tell you, frozen Coke is a bugger to get out of your freezer - the devastation spread across 3 shelves and down into the drawers at the bottom.    I won't be freezing cans again any time soon!