Wednesday, 25 April 2012

And puppy makes 16!

What do you do when your friends think you are a Crazy Cat Lady?

You head into Mad Animal Woman territory by getting a puppy, of course!

This is Jenny, she's 5 months old, and she came through SA Dog Rescue, a local not-for-profit dog rescue group.  Her mum came to the rescue from an animal hoarder, and was already pregnant, so we don't know what the dad was - mum is a Fox Terrier / Italian Greyhound, with the same massive bat-wing ears!

Darling Daughter (age 4) keeps telling people Jenny is a Fox Terrorist, which given her propensity for chasing the chickens and chewing on pretty much everything (lego, tiles, shoes, iphone cables, fingers, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, bones, etc etc) it's pretty appropriate.  I seem to spend half my time picking up poo (she's ALMOST house trained) and the other half saying 'that's not a puppy toy!'.

Isn't she boootiful???

1 comment:

  1. That's a bit ruff . . .

    I bet you find you are mutt-ering alot to yourself "Down Jenny", "That's not a puppy toy" and "Shih tzu!!".

    Hopefully having a puppy will give you a new leash on life!