Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The other IKEA chair hack

As before, the chair was found in As Is for a third of the RRP.  But it came with boring old fabric on the seat.

For this hack I got assistance from my Darling Son (age 7) who thought the staplegun looked like pretty good fun and wanted to have a go.  Other than jamming my finger in the mechanism in his initial enthusiasm (ouch), he did a pretty good stapling job, and before you could say 'chickens' we had another awesome IKEA hack completed:
The photo is probably a bit wobbly because I was still nursing an injured finger at that point! Yes of course it's chicken fabric - what else could I possibly use?  So this chair is for my red and white bedroom, to sit at my sewing desk.  Now to actually clear off the desk so I can sew at it.  But that, dear friends, is another story...

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

25 random things about me

Inspired by this post at The Virginia House, I remembered I did this on Facebook a couple of years ago.

Funnily enough, most of them are still accurate today - except for the Krispy Kreme donuts, because they're not yet available in Adelaide (although coming soon, apparently).  I think I must have got given a box when DH went to Melbourne for work!

1. I like wine far too much for my own good
2.I just ate 2 Krispy Kreme donuts and want another
3. I wish I'd never shaved my legs as a teenager
4. When I was 18 I had a strapless dress that was purple
5. and my first pair of high heels was white (and I'm from Essex.  It was the 80s, so sue me!)
6. I worry about my elderly parents
7. I worry about my children
8. I worry too much!
9. I'd love a boob job
10. I have many tattoos (21?)
11. I wish I hadn't turned down a really good job when I was 20 to go back to uni (and then drop out)
12. Glad I turned it down as I met my husband afterwards at uni
13. I can drink my DH under the table on vodka (just like Karen Allen in Indiana Jones!)
14. I kissed a girl and I liked it
15. I have a partially un-fused sacrum = 6 lumbar vertebrae
16. I would like to lose 15kg but can't be arsed
17. I like chickens, live ones of course!
18. I served Tom Baker (1970s Dr Who) when I was working in a UK bookshop.  He's really tall
19. My favourite author is Jonathan Carroll, and you've probably never heard of him
20. Favourite perfume is Issy Miyake
21. Favourite smell is my children's hair after a bath
22. Cats are essential to modern life
23. I fell asleep at a party after drinking absinthe
24. I went to a Batman premiere in London in 2005
25. If I had a million dollars I would give most of it away

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I am a dummy

My DD (darling daughter) and her DD - her darling dummy.

The dummy.
The noo-noo.
The soother.

The pacifier.
The binky.
The comforter.

The bane of my bloody existence!

We started off so well, DS only had a dummy from about 4 weeks to 10 months, he threw it out of his cot himself and it never came back.  DD on the other hand has been very very very VERY keen on her dummy since a tiny wee babe.

And now DD is getting on for 5 and still obsessed with it. *sigh*  To be honest I find I don't have the mental wherewithall to stand the crying if we took it away.  We've done books about it, talked about giving it to Santa at Christmas ('nooooooooo, Mummy!'), 'leaving it in England' when we went in July, giving it to a baby, getting rid of it when we get our puppy, getting a really cool present from the Dummy Fairy (she's real, I swear), all sorts of things. 

We've had periods where she's very good about only having it at home, or in the car, or even just in bed, but then she started kindy, then we went to Europe so she needed it for the flight, and all the travelling, and then we were in a car crash, and then back in Australia, and more kindy, and here we are.  Stuck with the little bugger (the dummy, not the DD!).

DD starts school in July, so it will definitely be gone most of the day, most days of the week at that point.  I'm hoping that might break her of it!  Wish us luck...

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Swingset FAIL - big tree fallin'

This is what happens when an Australian gum tree decides to drop a 10 metre long limb.

Tree 1.  Swingset 0.  Game over, man.  My kids cried when they saw it.  Thankfully insurance will be buying them a new one.

Never a dull moment at my house!