Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The other IKEA chair hack

As before, the chair was found in As Is for a third of the RRP.  But it came with boring old fabric on the seat.

For this hack I got assistance from my Darling Son (age 7) who thought the staplegun looked like pretty good fun and wanted to have a go.  Other than jamming my finger in the mechanism in his initial enthusiasm (ouch), he did a pretty good stapling job, and before you could say 'chickens' we had another awesome IKEA hack completed:
The photo is probably a bit wobbly because I was still nursing an injured finger at that point! Yes of course it's chicken fabric - what else could I possibly use?  So this chair is for my red and white bedroom, to sit at my sewing desk.  Now to actually clear off the desk so I can sew at it.  But that, dear friends, is another story...

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  1. WHAT? You mean you have a sewing desk? That is something I didn't know about you!!