Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs!

"Well they're round all around and they're bigger at the bottom,
they're smaller at the top and we're glad we've got 'em.
They're egg shaped- cos they're eggs!
Every bird you've ever heard, it lays eggs"

(with thanks to ABC TV's Play School for this classic kids' song)
Here's the lovely selection our girls are laying at the moment:

Is it totally sad that I can tell who does which egg?  Well, maybe a little...

The really brown ones at the bottom right are from the ex-battery hens,  the pale-ish ones at the top are from the white hens Hetty and Justine, and the bluey/grey one in the middle on the right is from the Aracaunas (these are tiny eggs but very yolky).

There unfortunately aren't any duck eggs in this lot, but Rosie's eggs are large (larger than any of these), and very white, and have a very thick shell - you really have to whack them on the side of a pan to break them, whereas the battery hen eggs have quite thin, delicate shells. 

And even the egg basket we collect them in is hen-shaped - but that is another post!

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  1. You've got all your eggs in the one basket there . . . you've got to be yolking or just quacking mad?