Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A great artist captures the feline gaze - meow!

Every cat owner has experienced this patient, hopeful, polite but persistent feline gaze, so beautifully captured in this sketch by Australian artist Norman Lindsay.  I love this funny little sketch because it really is a cat-lover's POV,watching two little heads popping up over the edge of your tray or table, just waiting to see if there are any tasty morsels to come their oh so deserving way.
A greeting card of this scene is framed on my wall, because these two pusses are very like our handsome lad Lister, and our previous tabby girl Gemma, who died in 2010.  I love the contrast between the black cat's slightly disdainful frown ('haven't you finished yet, selfish human?') and the saucer eyes of a really rotund greyish cat who doesn't need any extra calories ('I'm visibly wilting here, please feed me').

Lindsay's cat sketches are gorgeous, and just a small part of his body of work, which included sculptures, books, articles, cartoons and scale models (check out this for a potted history of this creative bad boy, whose prints and novels were often banned as pornographic).  He was also a boxer!

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