Wednesday, 23 May 2012

'A recipe for disaster' or 'How the great are fallen'

the kids have been taking roller skating lessons at St Clair's, in Woodville.  It's $3 for an hour-long group session on the rink with an instructor who gives you tips, helps you improve your technique, etc.  The kids love it, so I decided I could do this too - I skated many eons ago in my distant youth, with the skates you wore over your shoes - remember them??
They're pretty smart looking for weapons of wrist destruction!
I was really stoked to pick up this pretty pair of purple quads at the junk markets this week for ten bucks - awesome!  I thought I'd practise for a bit at home to get the feel of them.  And then suddenly - BANG!!!!!  I go arse over tit and land hard on the kitchen floor.  A trip to the Emergency Department later, I have a small fracture diagnosed and a lovely cast.  Must remember to wear pads next time!

Oops, how embarrassing

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