Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Damn you Siri...

After several years of languishing in 'crap phone land' I've recently got myself an iPhone, and it's fabbo (thankyou Mr Jobs).  Easy to use, keeps me and/or the kids busy on long trips, etc, etc, I adore it.  However, the autocorrect leaves something to be desired (in an often very amusing way, thankyou Damnyouautocorrect), and as for Siri, the voice to text assistant, well.

Shall we just say that she obviously needs to clean out her little electronic ears (recently I asked her to 'find shops' and she heard it as 'find sharks') and she has a tiny bit of trouble with my British/Australian accent.  As you can see, when I tried to tell my friend B to look for 'loo paper the walk-in robe' (we were out of paper in the main bathroom and ensuite at the time, ya know), Siri came up with the above case of grave digging and porn acting.  'Cos Siri is classy like that!

1 comment:

  1. Every time I read it I laugh . . . it is no wonder I thought you'd been kidnapped by aliens.

    Blue role . . . so funny!!