Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Hairballs - a gift of love


Again this morning I wake to the sound of a cat 'gacking', and then play 'dodge the gift' on my way to the bathroom.  I have about a 60% success rate at avoiding the little offerings - which means, yes, about 40% of the time I step right in them... 

It's always the same cat, the fluffy one, surprise, surprise.  I know she does them near me because that's where she sleeps, and that's because she loves me, but still!

Sometimes the kids hear her as well, and come running into my bedroom yelling 'Mum, Mum, Ada did a vomit on your floor!'.  Thanks, darlings, I already found it.  Pass me some wipes for my foot, thanks.

It could be worse. Thanks Cheezburger for putting that into perspective

And can you believe, MS Office doesn't have a clipart for 'hairball'?  Astonishing! Hence the Biohazard...

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