Tuesday, 12 February 2013

New kitten - best puppy toy ever

Jenny and Clara - BFFs

To add to the crazy mix at our house, and because of the time share situation with our middle cat, Lister, who has left home and now lives up the road, I finally allowed Darling Daughter to talk me into getting another cat.  So we trotted up to the Animal Welfare League and came home with little Clara, a 16 week old dark tortoiseshell, with a massive purr and beautiful markings.  Jenny is absolutely smitten, Clara is extremely tolerant, and they spend a lot of time chasing each other around the garden and wrestling.

Growing Clara in a basket

In a nerdy moment I decided to name her after Clara Oswin Oswald, the new Dr Who assistant (or companion, as they call them these days), who made a great impression in the 2012 Christmas special.  Geek attack!

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  1. No mention of how the small (and big) members of the family also adore her!!
    She is so cute and doesn't seem to mind all the man (child) handling she receives.
    I bet it took a lot of "whining" by DD - NOT!! You were smitten when you spoke to the AWL on the phone and they described her!!!
    Someone in the know...