Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Naughty vegies (and recipes, and a surprise free gift!)

 Well, it's not grown up, and it's not clever, but it IS pretty funny... 

We found this very amusing while in the Netherlands!According to a recipe I found, Winterpeen is the name for the big ones (oo-er!)
Picked up this beauty at the markets and made him into stovetop baba ganoush!
Summerpeen, perhaps?A cucumber from the States, pic sent by a lovely friend who was obviously impressed by it's perfection, lol.  You can make them into Agua de pepino (cucumber limeade), it's a Mexican treat!
BONUS FRUIT, WHAT A FREE GIFT! Look at this Rubenesque Corella pear.  Why not make this TMX (Thermomix) Pear and Raspberry cake? Nom nom nom ;-)

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