Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Exhibit A - brand new box of  tissues
Exhibit B - She's a harsh critic of modern fiction
Naughty Jenny-pup likes to chew things.  A lot.  Her go-to item is clothes pegs, as they're often to be found around the back garden.  She also likes eating Lego, Bionicles parts, iPhone cable and/or headphones, a guest's slippers, DD's Crocs (2 pairs), the eyes from many many soft toys, the underside of the wooden kitchen chairs, my friend's tiled front porch, and boxes of tissues.

Oh, and she ate a hole in my favourite red Skechers,
and has chewed up a copy of Mary Poppins (the book, not the DVD), several uni textbooks, a crime novel (Anne Perry), and a copy of a Terry Pratchett that I haven't even finished reading yet ;-(

She eats chicken poop, and wees on the back porch when it's cold so she doesn't get her ickle wickle feet cold when it's winter...  She was even accused of being a penguin killer when we were on Kangaroo Island recently - NOT GUILTY, although she did refuse to get back in the car after a pit stop, causing us to delay the KI ferry as we boarded late.

Bad girl!  She's gonna end up on
Exhibit C - Skechers

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