Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Knifegasm, or 'how I learned to love F. Dick' (it's a German brand of knife)

My lovely friend Mrs F has long been horrified by the 'quality' of my kitchen knives.  She's a chef, so she finds it particularly painful to see me try and chop things with the blunt metal sticks I've been using for years.  In my defence, I've never bothered with really sharp knives since the kids were big enough to pull over a chair and climb up to my knife block.  And when you find your largest carving knife embedded 'sword in the stone' style in a tree stump in the garden, there really is very little point in being precious about them!

This Christmas Mrs F finally persuaded me that my children are now old enough to respect my knives, and so she arranged for my hubby to get me some PROPER quality blades as a gift to us all.  Hence my new love for Herr Friedrich Dick of Esslingen, Germany, and his very shiny and very VERY sharp products.

I've got this one:

3 inch Kitchen Knife

 and this one:

8 inch Chef´s Knife


and they're amaaaaaaaaaaazing.  Carving the Christmas ham was an absolute pleasure this year, although I did feel a little like a serial killer (maybe I've been watching too much Dexter, hey?)!  Even Darling Hubby admitted that he could see what all the fuss was about after he tried them for the first time. 


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