Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The most romantic gift I got my hubby this Christmas...

...was the amazing, heavenly condiment that is Heinz HP Sauce!  We haven't had any in the house for years, and I found it at our local Asian grocer, next to the soy and sweet chilli.  Awesomesauce, indeed.

HP Sauce

"The original and unmistakeable HP sauce. Used for generations in all styles of cooking. Its malt vinegar base is blended with fruit and spices, but the rest is a closely guarded secret. The name HP comes from the Houses of Parliament, a restaurant that first served this sauce. There’s nothing like it to give a kick to pies, grilled meats and burgers. It’s low in fat with no added colours, flavours or preservatives. Available in in a squeezy 372ml and 220ml glass bottle."


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