Saturday, 28 January 2012

A big fat hen!

Here's a nifty piece of re-purposing.  My mum, knowing my love of all things chooky, sent me this large gingham girl already 3/4 made up as a tea cosy - I just needed to hem her.  However, circumstances conspired that we had to get a new teapot (DD or DS broke it, can't remember who or how!), and we now have the the IKEA Anrik 'coffee pot/tea maker'.

First world problem: tea cosy to teapot disproportion.

Solution: turn tea cosy into doorstop.

Method: stuff her with wadding (old cushion inner), put a nice half brick inside (wrapped in some old towelling to protect toes from stubbing), sew her up and away you go.

Sometimes even I am surprised by my genius *modest blushes*

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