Monday, 16 January 2012

S & P Chicken are here

Oh hello little chickies, how nice to welcome you to my home!  Do come into the kitchen, I'll find you a special place to sit in no time at all. 

Gorgeous, huh?  I walked into 'Littlest Vintage' in Prospect last night (the whole street was going bonkers for the 'Tourrific Prospect' Tour Downunder Street Party, which was AWESOME) and there were these darling chooks, just waiting for me to take them home.  I really like how the pepper is a Wyandotte type (one of my favourite breeds) and the salt looks just like my Hetty - awwwwwww.

Check out Littlest Vintage here for cool vintage and retro if you are in Adelaide.  They've got clothes, homewares, furniture and an old-fashioned RIDE ON ELEPHANT in the kids' section - how many stores can you say that about?

(Also admire my cunning use of a Tupperware lunchbox and my toaster as an impromptu photo backdrop - not bad, huh?!  Yes, in addition to my other skills, I'm also a Tupper-tragic)

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  1. Nice work,

    Looking for sponsors are you? Looks like you should approach Tupperware!,