Saturday, 7 January 2012

My cat is seeing someone else on the side

*sob* What do you do when someone you have lived with and loved for eight years suddenly stops coming home at night? Stops sleeping with you? Treats the house like a hotel, disappears for days on end, and then sneaks in for food at 2am?

This is what is going on between me and my middle cat, Lister! (yes, he's named after a character from Red Dwarf. Google it if you need to)

*wail* The only thing I can think of that set him off on this behaviour is that we went away overnight on Christmas Day. We were only gone for 24 hours, but I think he may still have not forgiven us for going to Europe for 11 weeks earlier this year. Apparently he was veeeeeeeerrrryyy cool towards the cat sitter while we were gone.

*cry* He also may be cross because the hubby has been painting last week too.

*boo hoo*

Who can tell how a puss thinks? He is often a miserable little sod who sprays on things, bites the hand that feeds and gives us the cold shoulder BUT I STILL LOVE HIM ANYWAY!

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